Forest & Bird Sponsorship

Kiwi Camping is recognised as one of the most trusted outdoor brands in New Zealand, with their range of family tents dominating the New Zealand camping landscape for almost 25 years.

In 2012, Aber bought Kiwi Camping. An enthusiastic camper himself, Gregg and his wife Suzanne had enjoyed a long association with Kiwi Camping over the years, and saw it as an exciting challenge, but also as an opportunity to turn Kiwi Camping into the foremost camping brand in New Zealand.

But Gregg’s passion for the outdoors goes way beyond his love of camping.  In 2013, Gregg approached Forest & Bird with a view to forming an alliance and lending support to their cause. Forest & Bird recognised his commitment to New Zealand’s unique offering and to their conservation work, and agreed to work alongside Kiwi Camping.

“In New Zealand, we have some of the most spectacular birds on the planet. Sadly many of them are endangered or worse, near extinction. Thankfully, through the awesome work of our conservation agencies, these birds have a fighting chance, but only with the support from donations and sponsorship. Our decision to partner with Forest & Bird was an easy one. It’s a natural fit and a seamless reflection of our brand positioning,” said Gregg.

“Kiwi Camping is not just about selling product. It’s all about allowing Kiwis to experience our diverse and incredible outdoor offering, in the best possible way. As a father myself, I believe strongly, that we need to instil in our children the wonders of our great outdoors and camping gives our kids a true taste of New Zealand.

Whether it’s the dawn wake up calls to the sound of native birds, or trekking through our native bush, it’s vital that we teach our kids an appreciation of what they have. After all, they’re the environmental guardians of the future. Educating them today in how to protect it for tomorrow is hugely important.”

The team at Kiwi Camping and their families are enthusiastic campers and our tents are tested thoroughly to ensure they will stand up to our landscape and often challenging conditions.

To reflect our association with Forest & Bird, we’ve named our new range of tents after native New Zealand birds. They’re a large part of what makes New Zealand so unique, so we should all look to do our bit to ensure their survival.

We’re very proud of the partnership with Forest & Bird and look forward to a long and productive alliance with them.