Camping and Outdoors

Camping and Outdoors

Kiwi Camping and Gasmate products have dominated the New Zealand camping landscape for over 25 years and continue to lead the way in innovation and quality. With our extensive local knowledge, we travel the world to bring the best performing products to New Zealand, where they are tested for our unique conditions before we introduce them to the market. Our range is extensive, traversing traditional camping equipment and accessories to gas products, fridges and coolers.

Explore Planet Earth packs and rucksacks further extends our selection of camping products. We have put a lot of thought into their design to ensure that while you get value for money, you'll also enjoy the features of more expensive brands.

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Kiwi Camping

Tents & Camping Equipment

Our tents are unique - they are designed by New Zealanders for New Zealand conditions. We test them for months, in all-weather situations, before finalising the specifications to ensure they will stand up to our unique environment. Our range encompasses traditional family canvas tents, dome tents, hiker tents and a selection of shelters and canopies to ensure we can offer a model to suit both individual requirements and budget. A selection of carefully chosen bedding, furniture and accessories ensures we offer a full range of quality product to complete the camping experience.

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Camping Equipment

The Gasmate brand is synonomous with campers. Kiwis have been taking the bright yellow Gasmate LPG stoves and lanterns camping since 1995. More recent additions to the range include fridges and freezers, and an expanded selection of butane stoves ideal for hikers.

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Explore Planet Earth

Packs and Rucksacks

For wherever you explore! Explore Planet Earth packs offer quality and durability at an affordable price without compromising on features. Whether it’s a daily commute, weekend tramp or overseas travel, Explore Planet Earth has a pack that will tick all the boxes.

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