Outdoor Heating and Lighting

Kiwis love the outdoor lifestyle New Zealand offers, and we like to treat our backyards as an additional living room. To enjoy this extra space, outdoor heating and lighting products are becoming an essential part of outdoor entertaining.

At Aber we continually seek to bring the latest designs and features to the market, providing gas, electric and wood options, to ensure we have a solution to meet customers individual requirements.

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Outdoor Heating & Lighting

Gasmate outdoor heating and lighting products are chosen with the New Zealand lifestyle in mind, we enjoy living outdoors! Stylish designs ensure not only easy functionality but make an attractive feature in any outdoor area. Gasmate outdoor heaters provide warmth either directly or indirectly depending on the choice of model. Portability is another key feature, our heaters can be easily located wherever they are required to warm up a chilly day or evening outdoors. Our lighting range includes both permanent and portable options, available in natural gas, LPG or butane.

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Outdoor Heating

The warm glow of a wood fire brings a central focus to an outdoor area. With this in mind the Charmate range offers safe, effective outdoor heating options for those that choose this traditional method of heating.

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Chapala Chimeneas are authentic ancient designs which have been handed down through countless generations of Aztec, Chilean, Inca, Myan and Peruvian people dwelling in the South American Andes Mountains. Thoroughly researched from archaeological records dating back centuries, each design reflects the artistry, craftsmanship and the culture of its roots.

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Our range of Gardeco Chimeneas are handmade in Mexico using quality fire clay. We chose this selection to complement the other outdoor heating products we have available as the colour choices and glazed finish ensure we provide our customers with a wide range of options to choose from to suit their outdoor area.

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