Alan Brown Energy Resources (Aber) was founded in 1980 by Alan Brown and originally specialised in automotive LPG and CNG equipment. When the Government removed subsidies for these products in the late 1980s the company downsized to 5 employees. The company was at a cross roads whether to sell and re-generate itself.

Alan’s son, Gregg, joined the company in 1993 and over the past 20 years Aber has transformed from an automotive equipment supplier, to be involved in wholesale / distribution, gas cylinder re-testing and appliance installation businesses, with the Group now employing over 50 staff nationwide.

Aber Holdings Limited  (Aber) is a national wholesaler creating and distributes market-leading brands in the specialist home and lifestyle consumer goods categories. Aber was established in 1980 with now over 30 years’ experience in the wholesale and distribution business.

The company is separated into 3 trading divisions: Indoor Appliances; Outdoor Appliances; Recreational Appliances. As category specialists we support our customers by developing a deep understanding of market trends and consumer needs and supplying a range of branded and private label merchandise within an aligned portfolio of retail categories.

Overall sales and marketing is managed by the Managing Director but each sales division having its own Category Manager and dedicated sales and purchasing support staff. The divisions are supported by functional teams such as Marketing, Customer Service, After Sales Service, Technical Support, Warehouse and Logistics.

Aber has been procuring products from overseas for the past 30 years and has secured strong agencies and trading relationships with international manufactures all over the world. Today approximately 70% of our product is sourced from the SE Asia, with the remainder from Australia, USA, Japan and Italy.

With the dominance of China in the manufacturing of household appliances we have been sourcing product from China for the past 15 years. We are experienced in this sector and have good quality suppliers and strong internal QA systems to ensure our product meet and exceed the specifications of our customers. We have recently established an office in Zhongshan, China, to further improve our level of sourcing and QA from with China.

While we represent several major agencies (PALOMA; BONAIRE; REGENCY; RASMUSSEN), we also develop and market our own products under brands names such as KENT; GASMATE, CHARMATE and KIWI CAMPING. These locally renowned brand names have been developed over a period of time with particular design focus on specifications applicable to New Zealand’s market conditions. Additional to these agencies & brand we also supply products under House Brands to New Zealand’s leading retailers.

Supporting these products we have an extensive after sale service program that results a strong warranty program, extensive service agent network and internal staff training to ensure customers receive high quality support when and if required.

We also support our industries by actively been involved with industry associations such as Gas Association of NZ (GANZ); LPG Association of NZX (LPGA); Home Heating Association (HHA). Executives within the Aber Group sit on the boards or executive committees and these organisations as well as actively participate with matters such as regulatory standard setting, where we interface with Governmental authorities such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, formerly ERMA) and Energy Safety Service (ESS) on a regular basis.

Our products are sold through leading retail chains, direct sales channels, specialists, plumbing and building merchants.

Our team is committed to growing the NZ appliance market and leading the introduction of new products and technologies to the home and lifestyle markets.